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Making Data Count

The Uncounted by Alex Cobham, Cambridge, UK: Polity Press, 2020; pp 227, price not mentioned.

Piketty’s Capital and Ideology

Capital and Ideology by Thomas Piketty, Cambridge Massachusetts: Harvard University Press; pp 1104, $39.95 (hardcover).

The True State of Development

A Quantum Leap in the Wrong Direction? edited by Rohit Azad, Shouvik Chakraborty, Srinivasan Ramani and Dipa Sinha, Hyderabad: Orient Blackswan, 2019; pp 315, ₹ 495.

‘Mathiness’ and the Production Function

Paul Romer’s critique of modern growth theory, though important, errs in holding Joan Robinson as an early proponent of flawed methodological practices which he believes affects economics even today. This note argues that Robinson’s work on aggregate production functions highlights much of the problems that Romer calls attention to in the present. In neglecting her contributions, the discipline of economics has emerged poorer.

Can Income Transfers Help Explain Brexit?

Notwithstanding the conventional narratives of the anti-immigrant sentiments holding sway during the referendum for Brexit, an empirical investigation of the possible factors leading to Brexit does not show any signifi cant correlation between the share of migrants from European Union countries and the regions that voted for Brexit. Share of social security transfers in income was most important in determining if a region voted leave. Decreased employment opportunities and increased hardships that necessitate reliance on welfare payments could have fuelled the anti-immigrant and anti-European sentiment.

Structures of Discrimination: A Response

The recent paper by Iyer, Khanna and Varshney (“Caste and Entrepreneurship in India”, EPW, 9 February 2013) investigated the representation of dalits in the entrepreneurial sphere in India. While their work is a critical contribution to a subject that has otherwise been neglected, it poses certain...

Reconceptualising Economics

Sinha and Chakrabarti’s "Econophysics: An Emerging Discipline" ( EPW , 11 August 2012) provides not only a valuable introduction to an important alternative field of economics, but also gives the reader a comprehensive survey of the latest developments in the field.
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