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World Bank and Economy of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh R S Rao The World Bank Report on the state's economy is an exercise in reverse. Its analysis appears to be tailored to support its predetermined recommendations.

New Institutional Economics, Marx and Marxism

R S Rao While retaining the axioms of self-interest in the neoclassical economic theory, the new institutional economics brings in the role of collective action and to that extent binds the individual to the institutional framework. By questioning the propositions of a much talked about perfect competition and by suggesting that institutions do matter, it presents a frame- work for a new theory on the functions of capital markets in the developed world. The tool-kit thus developed in the west to help understand that system better could be useful in analysing economic institutions in India.

Hunger in Kalahandi-Blinkered Understanding

Blinkered Understanding Deepak Mishra R S Rao The hunger of the people of Kalahandi is not only for food, but for access to resources. The mainstream approach to the region does not acknowledge this reality.

In Search of the Capitalist Farmer-A Comment

A Comment R S Rao ASHOK Rudra has made a penetrating analysis of the economics of large-scale farming with a view to empirically identifying the capitalist farmers (Reviews of Agriculture, September 1969, December 1969 and June 1970). He came out with the almost negative result that the 'capitalist farmer' may not exist: "The interesting results above pertain more to the economics of mechanisation than to the anatomy and physiology of the animal which has been named the capitalist farmer even before his existence has been established". The present note limits itself to the methodology Rudra adopted in his exercise and does not go into the identification of capitalist farmers in Punjab.

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