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Planning Kerala s Irrigation Projects-Technological Prejudice and Politics of Hope

The political objective of achieving self-sufficiency in rice production in Kerala supported the planning of major irrigation projects in alt the river basins of Kerala. The irrigation engineers who planned these projects showed a technological prejudice as they rarely sought alternative methods and scales of irrigation in each of these basins. This prejudice is of serious concern in a high rainfall area like Kerala, where the dam and canal-based system is 'naturally' costly and where there is a possibility of meeting the relatively small requirement of additional water through less expensive means. The objective of achieving self-sufficiency in rice and the policy of having major irrigation projects in all the basins seem to be based on the neglect of the specific agro-climatological and agro-ecological features of humid-tropic Kerala.

Role of Design and Informal Share Markets in Success of Sugar Co-operatives

Success of Sugar Co-operatives R Rajagopalan Tushaar Shah Why have sugar co-operatives done so outstandingly well in south Gujarat and Maharashtra? Central to their success are three important features of their design which enable the interests of thousands of cane growers to coalesce into a powerful member organisation, which operates as an engine of wealth generation for its members and remains member-oriented through a patronage cohesive governance structure. A major institution that supports patronage cohesive governance is the informal and yet dynamic market in the shares of these co-operatives in south Gujarat. The prices these shares command are important to their owners as: (a) a form of wealth, (b) a performance index, and (c) an instrument of member control As a robust if imperfect summary index of management performance on which information is available widely and openly, this market price of the co-operative's share encourages the board and management to continually search for and adopt member-oriented policies.

Technological Prejudice Case of Indian-Irrigation

Irrigation V Santha Kumar R Rajagopalan This paper investigates the content of irrigation research conducted in independent India, The analysis brings to light the perception of the Indian irrigation establishment that their duty of providing irrigation is limited to the task of constructing dams and canals.

Distribution and Price Controls on Molasses and Industrial Alcohol in Gujarat-A Review

and Industrial Alcohol in Gujarat A Review R Rajagopalan R C Sekhar This paper attempts to unfold the dynamics of government controls and subsidies, albeit in a small, location- specific context. It studies distribution and price controls on molasses and industrial alcohol in Gujarat.

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