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September 6, 1980 even with the police which had acted against their interests in both these incidents.
It appears that this group of criminals supported by ML leaders have been responsible for precipitating the crisis of August 13. Especially the beating up of the policemen and the attack on the officers seem to be the work of these people. The fact that the ML stall alone was spared from attack seems to support this view, But even these criminal elements aided by disgruntled politicians could not have expected the events to assume the proportions they did.

RAJASTHAN- Drought and Elections

RAJASTHAN Drought and Elections R P Mullick ON October 19, the Shekhawat ministry in Rajasthan declared the entire state drought-affected. Prior to the declaration, the state unit of the CPI(M), along with CITU, its affiliate peasants' organisation, the Kisan Sabha, and two students' bodies, the SFI and USI, besides the Janwadi Naujawan Sabha had stepped up its agitation based on an 11-point charter of demands which included among other things immediate starting of relief work to the distressed on priority basis, -waiving of dues from the peasants and the condoning of fets from the students The agitation was to climax into a statewide movement of demonstrations, encircling of development officers or sit-down dharnas before tehsildars' offices, and filling up of jails by cadres/ workers courting arrest in thousands.

UTTAR PRADESH- Crisis of Stagnation

UTTAR PRADESH Crisis of Stagnation R P Mullick AGAINST the general appearance of countrywide crisis which has engulfed India's ruling class, that of its offshoot wielding power in UP would look like an exercise of swimmers in a stagnant pool afraid to reach out to the middle. The ruling combine of Janata (S), CFD and 'Socialist' elements is in the throes of an internal crisis. Its leadership cannot, for obvious reasons, continue ignoring the insistent, though insidious approaches from the Centre aimed at influencing Banarasi Das and his colleagues, to modify their present stand, against dissolution of the state assembly, and to agree to having simultaneous elections for this body along with the elections to the Lok Sabha. It is a ticklish dilemma though, presented by the challenge of caste-oriented politics, of Jati interests getting intertwined with the kulak-farmers' on the one hand, and that of the sugar lobby overlapping the bureaucrattsed public sector on the other.

UTTAR PRADESH- Learning from Old Masters

by 10 per cent.
Ft is necessary to make a realistic assessment of the credit needs of different sectors having regard to growth of production, etc, in real terms THE legacy of 'divide and rule' left behind by the imperial raj continues to inspire administrative practice in, Uttar Pradesh. This is especially seen in the way the Shia-Sunni 'problem' is manipulated by the rulers in the state. This year, again, there has been an eruption of conflict between Shias and Sunnis of Lucknow, The clashes occurred on August 15; the day was also the 21st day of Ramzan, an auspicious month for all Muslims.

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