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Poverty Dynamics in Rural Uttar Pradesh

This paper is based on a survey that was conducted in 2004-05 in the poorest pockets of Uttar Pradesh by using the same methodology as used in the below the poverty line census 1998-99. In sample areas, poverty had declined by 6.56 percentage points over the period of six years. However, such a reduction was not unidirectional; rather it was the net result of two opposite movements. While some non-poor households slid into poverty, some previously-poor households simultaneously got rid of it. Causal analysis of poverty dynamics reveals that the most important reasons for these opposite movements are largely different from each other. Thus, the need for a difference between poverty avoidance and poverty reduction programmes and policies is emphasised. The paper also recommends that the government should ensure complete enumeration of all households and construction of a household-specific index of income/expenditure status for prioritisation of interventions and better targeting of poor and not-so-poor households.
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