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Articles By Pushpam Kumar

Measuring Natural Capital

The paper provides the rationale for ecosystem accounting and suggests ways to operationalise it. Through the example of selected states - Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala, Rajasthan and West Bengal - it demonstrates application of the concept. The physical extent of change has been estimated for the period of 1991-2001. The loss of the inland wetland for this period comes to around 0.46 million ha during this 10-year-period. By applying the benefit transfer method, the monetary value of the annual physical loss in the inland wetland for the combined five states has been estimated to be $1,022 million at 1999-2000 prices. The paper estimates the per capita loss for the states. The maximum loss on per capita basis is for J&K ($221 and 11% of the state domestic product) while that for the combined states is $11.57. The paper attempts to suggest that ecosystem accounting is a required step towards developing the indicator for sustainable development, also referred to as the "green economy".

The Economics of Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity: An International Assessment

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity reports were born out of an initiative in 2007 to produce an analysis of the economics of biodiversity loss parallel to that of existing analysis of climate change. The reports do not preach to the committed environmentalist who already values nature. They are geared instead to the sceptical public administrator and to the practical businessperson, aiming to make these actors realise - by means of convincing examples - that economics should go beyond its existing boundaries.