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Articles By Pushkar

Democracy and Health: Evidence from Indian States

This study examines the validity of the democracy advantage thesis with reference to India's states and shows that the impact of democracy on health, in terms of infant mortality rates, is mixed - good to moderate in a number of states but poor in most of the populous states. It explains why and how democracy is believed to make a difference to a country's health and human development performance. Further the article highlights the significant variation in IMRs across states and the good to moderate performance among a number of states.

Ethnic Diversity and the Demand for Public Goods: Interpreting the Evidence from Delhi

Why do India's urban poor not make concerted efforts to demand public goods? Given the widespread deficits in public services, one would expect low-income groups to make claims on the state to improve them. However, collective action for public goods is at best short-lived and sporadic. Based on prior research, but also drawing from field studies in two low-income communities in the city-state of Delhi, this paper identifies the main reasons for the lack of effective demand for public goods.