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Census Towns in Uttar Pradesh

An understanding of the emergence of new census towns, as reported by the 2011 Census, necessitates an investigation, specifically at a micro level, into the factors behind the shift of the male working population from the farm sector to the non-farm sector. The emergence of census towns at an all-India level and the history of census towns in Uttar Pradesh are examined. Census towns in selected districts of UP have been analysed to comprehend the trends and patterns of urbanisation resulting from the transformation of rural areas into urban settlements. A case study of Soraon, a census town in Allahabad district of UP, has also been undertaken to further understand the urbanisation process along the rural–urban continuum.

Declining Number of Slums: Nature of Urban Growth

The population living in urban slums grew more slowly than the overall urban population between 1991 and 2001, suggesting an exclusionary nature of urban growth. This was also revealed in the form of massive slum evictions and a low incidence of rural-urban and urban-urban migration among classes with low monthly per capita consumption expenditure.

Dunkel Text and the Constitution-Areas of Conflict

The Dunkel Text of the Final Act of the Uruguay round of GATT negotiations is likely to come into conflict with the provisions of the Constitution in certain areas. Conflict may also arise in exercise of jurisdiction by our judicial bodies and authorities being set up under the Dunkel Text involving domestic policy issues. Finally, many of the areas covered are within the jurisdiction of the states, making consultation with and agreement of the states essential THERE are certain areas of the Dunkel Text which may come into conflict with the Constitution, specially the Directive Principles. In this connection it may be mentioned that, increasingly, the domain of domestic policy is being subjected to international scrutiny because of which conflict may arise between our socio-economic and political objectives and international commitments. Conflict may also arise in exercise of jurisdiction by our judicial bodies and panels and authorities being set up under the Dunkel Text where domestic policy issues are involved. Some of these are discussed below and it may be useful for jurists to examine this aspect.

Uruguay Round of Trade Negotiations-An Assessment and Overview

Uruguay Round of Trade Negotiations An Assessment and Overview Prem Kumar While it may not be possible for India to secure too many changes at this stage, it should try for selected changes of vital concern to it such as on IPRS and agriculture. Above all India should try for a general provision on special and differential treatment in favour of LDCs.

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