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Articles By Preeta Dhar

Draft EIA Notification, 2020

The Draft EIA Notification circulated by the government proposes to overhaul the framework for granting environmental clearances. While the stated objective is to “streamline” and “rationalise” processes, a closer look reveals measures that go against some of the fundamental principles of environmental governance. In the attempt to expedite the EIA process, the proposed changes compromise the very logic of a decision-making system.


Contested Coasts

The Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change has proposed to replace the Coastal Regulation Zone Notification (2011) with an overhauled coastal regulatory framework. The process and the contents of this proposed draft indicate a top–down approach favouring limited interests. It writes out large sections of vulnerable populations facing uncertainties of livelihood, climate change, and extreme weather events. The proposed framework fails to address the weaknesses of the 2011 notification. Rather, it threatens to weaken existing safeguards and further entrench the vulnerability of coastal populations.