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Communists and Capitalism

Many thanks to Prabhat Patnaik for clarifying the agenda of the two communist parties of India (February 2, 2008). People’s democratic revolution is an old objective of the undivided Communist Party of India (CPI) and after its split the CPI(M) has also adopted it. For supporting the thesis,...

Lenin and Revolution-A Comment

December 20, 1969 these differentials persist mainly because of the ad hoc and specific wage determination methods and principles.8 Adjudication on cases of individual firms leads to irrational interfirm differentials. Wage Boards, being specific to individual industries, have tended to neglect interindustry differentials. Regional and State level wage decisions have accentuated geographical differentials. Therefore, a policy on wage-structure, aimed at removing irrational differentials, requires not so much a discussion of the principles on which differentials are to be based
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