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Articles By Peter Custers

Military Keynesianism under the Obama Presidency

Will the world witness the disappearance of military Keynesianism in the United States under the Obama presidency? A comparative analysis of the options which successive US governments pursued since the 1980s can help discern the extent to which we may realistically expect to see a reduction in the dominance of the military-industrial complex over the US economy.

Globalisation and War in Ivory Coast

For many years the Ivory Coast was cited as an example of successful post-colonial development, based largely on the expansion in cultivation of a single agricultural crop, i e, cocoa beans. In the late 1990s, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund imposed structural adjustment programmes on the country. Later the fall in cocoa prices at the farm level and smuggling transformed cocoa into an export product used to finance military campaigns.

System of Disparate Exchange

The Angolan Civil war is illustrative of the close interconnection that today exists between raw materials and civil wars as well as of the trading structure that characterises the system of disparate exchange. Disparate exchange leads not merely to a drainage of resources and wealth from the poorer southern countries to the north, but also to impoverishment and destruction following the influx of weapons of war, bought by warring parties with income from sale of diamonds, oil and other indegenous wealth.