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Community in the East

Community in the East Partha Chatterjee In the received history of Western political theory, capital and community have been antithetical. When the new history of Eastern modernity gets written in the 21st century, perhaps capital will at last find a resting place in community. In the course of that journey, political theory as we have known it for so long will also get rewritten.

Beyond the Nation Or Within

Beyond the Nation? Or Within? Partha Chatterjee It is only by separating the two interrelated issues of civil society- modernity and political society-democracy that we will begin to see the dimensions of power and political strategy without an awareness of which the proposals to 'move beyond the nation' are quite likely to strengthen inequalities and defeat the struggle for democracy the world over.

Secularism and Toleration

Partha Chatterjee There is the very real possibility today of a Hindu right locating itself firmly within the domain of the modernising state and using all the ideological resources of that state to lead the charge against people who do not conform to its version of the 'national culture'. From the position the Hindu right cannot only deflect accusations of being anti-secular but even use the arguments for interventionist secularisation to promote intolerance and violence against minorities. The question then is: Is the defence of secularism an appropriate ground for meeting the challenge of the Hindu right? Or should the response be a defence of the duty of the democratic state to ensure policies of religious toleration?

On Gramsci s Fundamental Mistake

This note is a comment on the previous paper by Ajit Chaudhuri and considers the implications of Chaudhuri's demonstration that it is impossible simply to extend the 'orthodox' variety of Marxism to deal with the~sorts of problems with which Gramsci was concerned.

Transferring a Political Theory-Early Nationalist Thought in India

Transferring a Political Theory Early Nationalist Thought in India Partha Chatterjee To understand nationalist politics in the third world, it is necessary to make an explicitly critical study of the ideology of the nationalism. Both sociological determinism and factionalism have sought to interpret nationalist ideology by emptying it of all content. The author's position, on the contrary, is that it is the content of nationalist ideology, its claims about what is possible and what is legitimate, which gives specific shape to its politics.

Problems of a Marxist Political Theory-Considerations on Colletti

Considerations on Colletti Partha Chatterjee This paper takes up some important themes in Lucio Colletti's book "From Rousseau to Lenin" and, concentrating on these, discusses some of the essential elements of what might be called a distinctly Marxist political theory.

WEST BENGAL-In Birbhum after the Floods

December 9, 1978 extent of bank credit, his produce and the rate of disposal with the corresponding prices.
The point is that much remains to be done and have to be done if the industry is to survive. In raw jute, unlike in cotton the co-operative organisations have not yet played an effective role. And it looks as if the burden of giving a new look to the jute trade and industry would have to be borne by the public sector.


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