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On Beggars, the Homeless and the Poor

Parita Mukta TONY BLAIR's New Labour won a resounding victory on May Day in Britain, forming a government which has raised very varied responses amongst the left. The campaign had been conducted very much in terms of winning over the democratic and middle ground in Britain, and New Labour advocates had been stringent in moving away from the traditional base within the working class sector making a shift from the historical alliance with the trade unions to the managerial, technocratic sector. The emblazoning of the Union Jack on new Labour's political platform, together with the use of the symbol of a rejuvenated bulldog to mark the coming of a new political era {not under the legacy of Churchill, but under Blair) demonstrated the visible shifts in self- representation.

Worshipping Inequalities-Pro-Narmada Dam Movement

at the annual meeting reflected these attempts to establish a 'new global partnership' under American auspices. For the time being, the Soviet' Union is collaborating with this strategy as are the other big powers.

Ram Janmabhoomi Comes to Milton Keynes

susceptible to what economic theory describes as 'moral hazard': if you are insured against a risk, you have no incentive to take steps to minimise it. And, in the name of realpolitik, the public sector guardians of financial order not only looked the other way, but joined the game.

Dalits Take Over

bonded labour. The substance of the change has been to reduce the element of paternalism that went hand-in-hand with feudal bondage. Now the bondage remains, but paternalism has been replaced by naked cash interest.

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