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The Politics of Philosophy - A Thanatological Evaluation of Sanskrit Darshan

October 16, 1976 and Mugabe on behalf of ZAPU and ZAND (Zimbabwe African National Union) laid down tough political preconditions for the Geneva Conference. These included "release of all political prisoners, detainees and restrictees, abolition of protected villages, abolition of all restrictions on political activity in Zimbabwe, the lifting of the state of emergency, suspension of all political trials and the release of all freedom fighters sentenced to death, and unimpeded return to Zimbabwe of all members of liberation movements". In the context of the negotiations going on tin's appeared to be an exercise in ultra-radicalism on the part of 'moderate' Nkomo who soon explained that these were not 'pre-conditions'. Nkomo is now conscious of type of pressure be would be sub- ed to by the freedom fighters. It is not also clear as to what extent Mugabe represents the leadership of the Zimbabwe Peoples Army. Muzorewa's claim to be the representative of black unity has the support of many African leaders, but during the period before Kissinger began his shuttle the 'frontline' Presidents had virtually accepted the ZIPA as the only credible force in the Zimbabwe struggle. There are also strong tribal loyalties which play B part in the politics of the nationalist movements.

Size of Holding and Productivity

An attempt is made here to examine the relationship between size of holding on the one hand and gross value of output and value of inputs used in agriculture on the other.

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