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Siachen in the Time of Manto

Tributes to Saadat Hasan Manto are flooding the press in India and Pakistan as they celebrate his birth centenary. In truth, Manto belonged to neither India, where he was born in 1912, nor to Pakistan, where he died in 1954. He belonged to both countries.

Nuclear Security Norms

A US-based organisation has placed India at as low as 28th among 32 countries in the world with respect to security of nuclear materials. How accurate is the ranking and how justifi ed is the defensive Indian anger at this low ranking?

Pakistan s Nuclear Posture and India s Options

P R Chari Given the history of the conflicts between India and Pakistan, and given India's own nuclear explosion in May 1974, the activation of Pakistan's foreign and nuclear policy to counter the perceived threat pom India has hardly been unexpected.

SOUTH AFRICA-Going Nuclear

Going Nuclear?
P R Chari THE virtual failure of the Geneva talks on Rhodesia lowers the curtain on another act of the southern African drama. The confrontation between Ian Smith's regime and the national liberation movements is most likely to exacerbate in the months ahead. Only Vorster can prop up the Rhodesian regime to enable it survive a little longer. But South Africa would have to weigh carefully the balance of advantage in providing military assistance to Rhodesia or refraining from such action.

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