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All About Agricultural Development

February 22, 1969 brave effort to sport a smile" and "the first thing he drew our attention to was a copy of the London Times Literary Supplement which, he said, he was reading". Not many of his colleagues shared Ghosh's sang-froid, however; one of them, Abha Maity, was almost in tears though she herself had won in her constituency. The Standard reporter's account: "When we offered her congratulations on her success, her comment, which was uttered almost in a crying voice, was, 'What is the use of congratulating when the party I belong to is going down?'" Hindustan Standard did its homework on the elections properly. As soon as all the results were declared, it published a district-wise breakdown of seats contested and won and votes polled by different parties; even more interesting, it also published a table giving the breakdown of the population of the 16 districts in terms of categories like industrial labour, agricultural labour, middle-class and Muslims. This kind of staff enterprise is often more useful to the reader than the efforts of professional Gallup-men.

Management of HYVP

Management of HYVP P N Radhakrishnan Planning and Implementation in Agriculture: Studies on High- Yielding Varieties Programme; Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedahad, 1968.

Arithmetic of HYVP - Comment

Comment EKALAVYA attempts ("Arithmetic of HYVP", August 17, 1968) to cast serious doubts on the feasibility of the 5 per cent per annum growth target in the agricultural sector during the Fourth Plan period. However, the arguments and the arithmetic calculations supporting them are far from convincing. These suffer from incorrect assumptions and oversimplification of the issues involved.

Price Effects of Commodity Taxation

An attempt is made here to estimate the impact of the commodity tax proposals contained in the 1967-68 Budget on prices of commodities.
In tracing the price effects of commodity taxation, inter-industry relationships need to be particularly emphasised. Though taxes may be levied only on a few commodities, their impact is likely to be felt on the prices of a much larger number because of the flow of inputs and outputs among the various sectors of the economy.

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