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Problem of Refugees from East Bengal

Problem of Refugees from East Bengal P N Luthra MIGRATIONS of uprooted humanity have taken place in very early times in the history of man. Records show that the Roman Empire received many waves of refugees from North and East. Amongst the countless refugee tragedies, there were the Jews of the Dispersion, the? Armenian refugees from the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Whites who migrated after the 1917 Revolution. More latterly, we have the case of Spanish Republicans who fled to France in 1939 and the Germans and Austrians

North-East Frontier Agency Tribes-Impact of Ahom and British Policy

The rank order in which different occupational values are emphasised by business students is consistent with that found by earlier studies in the United States. This shows that a person's values play an important part, if not in determining his choice of a career, at least in delimiting the alternatives that are open to him. Occupational values, as used here, are not thought of as a fixed trait. Therefore, one may raise the question: Why cannot a person pick a profession irrespective of his occupational values and then adjust his values to the demands of the profession he has chosen?

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