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Some Aspects of Deposit Mobilisation-A Comment

increase in other resources, brings in the operation of the law of diminishing return at an early stage.
NOTES 1 The cost of one acre of land refers to the prevalent rent rate in the area, which is about Rs 180. It has been allocated to crops according In per acre yield obtained. For paddy it is estimated at Rs 140. The marginal return on human labour has been compared with the wage rate which stood at Rs 1.50 per day. To work out the cost of bullock labour the charges incurred on fodder, feed and concentrates, labour for the maintenance of bullocks, interest and depreciation and miscellaneous expenses have been added. From this the value of manure plus hire charges if any obtained from outside nave been deducted. The net maintenance expenses have been divided by the number of bullock days worked on the farm. The cost of bullock labour thus comes to Rs 5.25 per day.

Lightly, on Familiar Ground

Lightly, on Familiar Ground P D Ojha THE booklet under review contains a summary of the proceedings of a conference organised by the Indian Institute of Public Administration. The pur- pose of the conference was to discuss and explore the problems and possibilities of mobilising resources by State governments. In order to help the participants

Taxation of Agriculture-Some Important Issues

The first issue which needs to be debated is whether the agricultural sector is in fact comparatively less taxed than other sectors. The next question, once this issue is settled, is io devise measures which would be administratively feasible, efficient and equitable.

Mobilisation of Saving

Total domestic saving, currently estimated at 8 per cent of national income compared to 10 to 11 per cent during the Third Plan, can be stepped up only when real national income increases.

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