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Ethnography of an Earthquake

Events such as the devastating Kutch earthquake shake people's consciousness, change their thinking, and reformulate their relationship with nature, restructure the system of settlement and indeed, the character of social life. Operating on these human adjustments and continuing dialectics between humans and nature, the social scientist as ethnographer has to attempt to understand how people perceive these events, interpret them and formulate settlement patterns and modes of social life.

Educational Guarantee Scheme

The Spirit of Learning P D Khera THIS is with reference to R Gopalakrishnan and Amita Sharma (EPW, September 6, 1998 and March 20, 1999) and Rahul (EPW, January 9, 1999). That primary education in India is a neglected lot and Madhya Pradesh (MP) is no exception to it. For years education has been given a very low priority. EGS has certainly opened a new avenue for accessibility to schooling. There is no need for a debate on it. It has certainly created accessibility and that is all and no more. It certainly has its value, it has laid the infrastructure for schooling. However, accessibility should not be mixed up with schooling proper or learning. Nevertheless, it remains a fact that EGS has provided for about a million children in the two years of its operation. The gains do look impressive, at least, quantitatively.

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