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Articles By P A Azeez

Stray Dog Menace

A study conducted among 10 Indian metro cities investigates the impact of municipal solid waste and animal birth control programme on stray dog population and its menaces. Its results show statistically strong and positive linkages among the variables such as human population, municipal solid waste, per capita solid waste, food waste, dog population and dogs per capita. People's general awareness and the efforts of municipalities are inadequate to control the dog menace.

MGNREGA and Biodiversity Conservation

The various activities being promoted under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme such as water harvesting and soil conservations could have high positive results on environment security and biodiversity and environment conservation. While this article appreciates the integration of biodiversity conservation into the MGNREGS, it points out the importance of preparing panchayat-level biodiversity registers, supporting individual and institutional efforts in biodiversity conservation and the formulation of appropriate policies.

Real Estate and Agricultural Wetlands in Kerala

The "rice culture" of Kerala is fast vanishing due to the increasing diversion of the land for non-agricultural purposes. The real estate sector is gradually swallowing up the rice cultivating low-lying wetlands. This paper attempts to examine the growth of real estate business and consequent destruction of the wetland ecosystems in the state.