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KERALA-Political Backdrop to Trivandrum Riots

KERALA Political Backdrop to Trivandrum Riots O J FOR over fifty years, Muslims in Alleppey, have been taking out peaceful processions on Prophet Mohammed's birthday. Not once had the need arisen for the police to intervene. As processions of one kind or another pass through the narrow thoroughfares of Kerala's towns and cities almost every day, the average Keralite has learnt to live with the little inconveniences caused by the choking of traffic for upto a good hundred minutes at times. No one complains, because everyone knows that the success of the endeavour of the processionists is measured with reference to the length of time for which traffic is snarled.

KERALA-Unseen Coalition Partner

KERALA Unseen Coalition Partner O J LATH in the evening on September 1, when the inhabitants of Vypeen, a tiny picture postcard kind of island off the Cochin coast, came to know some people were dropping dead all over the place, nobody suspected that the deaths could have been due to liquor poison- ing and those who were dying anyway swore that they had consumed arrack from the authorised shops. Nevertheless the symptoms pointed just to that possibility, and soon, as more and more people succumbed, it became clear that these had indeed imbibed spurious liquor. The source of supply was soon traced a depot operated by a licensed liquor contractor, a political activist who was a member of the executive committee of the Kerala Congress (Joseph Group), a constituent of the United Front Ministry.

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