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Articles By Nupur Chowdhury

Decision on Bt-Brinjal: Legal Issues

The recent decision of the government of India to impose a moratorium on the release of Bt-Brinjal has been hailed by civil society and scientists alike as a victory for transparency and has demonstrated that the government is responsive to societal demands. This decision is also important since it could set a precedent within environmental regulation with reference to technologies with significant environmental risks. However, the decision also reflects a clear departure from procedure and its legal basis is tenuous and therefore the risk of it being reversed remains. This establishes a clear case for ensuring legal certainty in environmental regulations especially in the case of technologies with significant risks attached to it.

Regulatory Supervision of Emerging Technologies

Regulatory supervision of emerging technologies is seen as unfriendly to business ventures entering uncharted areas. However, technologies like nanotechnology should be supervised as they pose potential environmental risks and health hazards. The initial investments into research in such technologies are public-funded and, hence, it is important to consider questions of efficiency in resource allocation, the need for transparency and public involvement in decision-making.