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FRANCE- Homo Hierarchicus Rides Again

take any action against the officer concerned due to legal difficulties. When the representatives pointed out thai there should be no legal difficulty in punishing the police officer and it was absolutely within the power of the state government to punish an officer of the rank of Inspector of Police, Jyoti Basu made a vague promise that he would find out about the legal position regarding action against Ranu Guha Neogi.

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC- Another Episode in a History of Pillage

November 10, 1979 CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC Another Episode in a History of Pillage Noel Castelino EVEN if recent newspaper allegations that President Giscard d'Estaing and some members of his family and government received handsome gifts of diamonds from ex-Emperor Bokassa of the Central African Republic prove to be true, they are not likely to result in much soul-searching on the French role in Africa. So many skeletons are leaping out of the cupboards here these days that the French political establishment, including the Left, may not be inclined to deal with such secondary Issues for some time to come.

FRANCE- Left Behind by History

August 25, 1979 General History of India, An Introduction to the Indian States and their People, An Outline History of Hindi Literature and A Profile of Indian Economy, There is also a massive project to study regional economic development of selected states of India under the overall guidance of the grand old economist, Chen Hansheng, who at the age of ninety is still studying South Asian economy. (In a separate interview Chen Hansheng who spent many years in India in the early fifties reminisced about his old friends of those days, Sachin Chaudhuri and B N Ganguly.) There is also the Linguistics Institute with Lu Shuoxiang as its Director. Lot of attention is now paid to the study of minority nationalities' languages. There are two new journals: Fangyan (Dialect) and Minzu Yuwen (Nationalities's Languages), both pub- lf^d quarterly. The Institute of Journalism was set up recently to train journalists and conduct research in communication. A corresponding journal, Xinwen Zhanxian (Studies in Journalism), is published bimonthly now.

UNITED STATES- Heroic Victims

and the Social Welfare Programmes initiated by Lopez Michelsen in 1974 have failed or at least have not had much impact; they are thus being replaced by open military coercion in the Turbay government.

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