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Negotiating the Relationship between Commodities and Their Images

Consumerist Encounters: Flirting with Things and Images by Sreedeep Bhattacharya, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2020; pp xviii+273, `1,495 (hardcover).

Consumer Culture and Shopping Decisions

Based on an empirical study, this article addresses critical concerns surrounding shopping decisions of the middle class in Delhi and the National Capital Region. Using exploratory factor analysis, four factors that influence shopping decisions are extracted, namely peer pressure, money matters, shopping site, and brand value. These factors are examined at both aggregated and disaggregated levels according to income, age, and sex. The article reflects on how shopping decisions, consumption profiles, and aspirations are negotiated in reshaping social life. It projects that far from being materialistic, hedonistic, and self-centred, the middle-class shopper is cautious, price-sensitive, and seeks value for money.

Gods, God-men and the Gullible

God-men continue to hold a large section of people in thrall. This article explores how god-men cash in on people's fears, anxieties and problems.

The Street Vendors Bill

The Street Vendors Bill, awaiting the presidential assent, may hinder an otherwise informal and flexible business model. Reducing the level of regulation and rigid bureaucracy could pave the way for a law that takes into account the concerns of the street vendors themselves.

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