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Industrial R and D in Developing Countries and Dunkel Draft

Industrial R and D in Developing Countries and Dunkel Draft Nirmal K Chandra Instead of a 'level playing field', the Dunkel Draft puts special hurdles for developing countries trying to enter technology-intensive sectors. The restrictions on industrial R and D will be particularly harmful to those developing countries that have a significant presence or potential in technology-intensive sectors and, for the very same reason, will reinforce the global oligopolistic power of the transnational corporations in the rich countries, to the detriment of consumers everywhere.

Farm Efficiency under Semi-Feudalism-A Critique of Marginalist Theories and Some Marxist Formulations

Are small farmers more efficient than large ones? Are 'capitalist' farms cultivated in the main by hired labourers less efficient than family farms working with the help of family labour? Does crop- sharing depress productivity? These are the questions which we hope to answer in a specific historic context characterised by technological backwardness and massive unemployment, as one finds in West Bengal and most other parts of India.

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