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Militant Left and Struggle for Democracy

to Rajasthan by building a dam at Kadana on the border of Gujarat. It made Rajasihanis and the Rajasthani-tribals destitutes. Now, it is the turn of MR And, this is all in the name of national interest. In building Kadana, or Ukai or the SSP, Gujarat sees that it suffers the least damage and causes vast damage to the adjoining states. In the present case, 19 villages are submerged in Gujarat, whereas 36 and 193 villages are affected in Maharashtra and MP respectively. This is also true for families affected and the land submerged.

A Secular Muddle

A Secular Muddle?
Niranjan Phukan ONE is grateful to Andre Beteille (EPW, March 5, 1994) for opening a debate on the vexed question of secularism with refreshing candour and boldness. But one can hardly say he has dispelled the fog surrounding it. Indeed, one regrets that his exercise might provide theoretical underpinning to the thoroughly dishonest and unprincipled compromises of the present Indian government. This is most peculiar.

Decline of ULFA

Niranjan Phukan IT is interesting that Udayan Misra, who happens to be an Assamese with the advantage of direct knowledge and observation of the things he describes, should choose to write about the ULFA (EPW, August 7-14) in a tone of dry detachment, more or less in the same vein as that of Naipaul writing on the Caribbeans. The bland and somewhat superior objectivity deliberately evades the present crisis of Assamese society and poli - tics, of which the ULFA is a symptom. Misra thus toes the government line both in Delhi and Dispur, which administersdrastic medicines, without caring to diagnose the disease.

Discourse and Practice

climate, Holland has developed over a century extremely sophisticated glass house growing techniques that have created a sustainable competitive advantage in that industry.

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