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Fundamental Rights in South Africa

Ninan Koshy Discussions leading up to the Bill of Rights enshrined in the interim constitution were fraught with difficulties, mainly arising from the differences about the role of fundamental rights in the period of transition among the contending parties.

SOUTH AFRICA-A Negotiated Revolution

The ANC leadership is conscious not only of the uniqueness of the system against which it waged struggle, but also of the fact that those who upheld the system now share power in the new government. Not only negotiations, but the revolution also has to continue.

Third Force in South Africa

its rural industry has resulted in 95 per cent of all Thai men having slept with prostitutes; 5,00,000 Thais, i e, almost 1 per cent of its population are affected with AIDS. This is spreading through Cambodia and Laos via Burma to the north-east of India and, as a part of other types of global linkages will soon join up with the scores of villages in India. Projections for the year 2000 show AIDS being reduced from 17 per cent to 10 per cent in industrialised nations but increasing from 5 percent to 25 per cent in south and south-east Asia. Let it be clearly and unequivocally understood that as a result of these policies, unemployment and AIDS will go hand in hand as the most deadly diseases of the next decade. It is by no means far-fetched to assert that this has a direct link with the Tapid destruction of the productive, employment-oriented industries of rural India and will force our rural people to prostitution, starvation or suicide. A grim choice indeed in a world where multinational consumerism claims to offer the consumer a greater freedom of choice.

SOUTH AFRICA-Prospects for Negotiations

The struggle in South Africa has entered the most difficult and crucial period. The ruling minority has changed tactics and apparently has a clear set of proposals for negotiations which, while they fall far short of the demands of the majority, are bound to cause confusion inside and outside South Africa and may even yield some diplomatic victories for the regime.

KAMPUCHEA-New Initiatives

 scrupulous Muslim leaders by the Bohra high priest is intended to impress upon the government that the Muslims as a whole support him and that taking any action against him, as demanded by the reformists, would amount to displeasing the Muslims. This is, however, far from true. The Muslim masses have never been with the Bohra high priest.

Zimbabwe on Eve of Independence

the Ruhr and Saarland during the next decade. Two coal and gas specialists

NAMIBIA- Another Progress Report

area comes to 1,000 wagons a day, the coal authorities would say it is 1,100 wagons. The whole thing is crazy. Statistics, it would seem, have never lied so much.

ZIMBABWE- Return to Legality or Recipe for Instability

Communist party, for instance, has declined to pay much attention to the Now Right and one of its leaders, Pierre Juquin, has said; "The true Right is sitting in the Elysee Palace." Although it has surfaced at a time of economic crisis, the New Right is still essentially a phenomenon of the superstructure. It corresponds to a general loss of spiritual direction in the midst of material well-being and to the realisation, still unacceptable to many people, that Europe is no longer at the centre of world history. Hence, for the time being, its activities are confined to the rarefied upper regions inhabited by French intellectuals, and even there it represents a very small minority of opinion. The man in the street appears to be wholly uninterested in its postur- in-gs. At the same time, it may be dangerous to dismiss the New Right Out of hand. If the West ever succumbs to some fatal temptation as a way out of its present crisis, these conceited, little neo-Nietchzeans could prove to be the cultural shock troops of a new barbarism.

SOUTHERN AFRICA- Beyond Majority Rule

September 15, 1979 gram an adjournment for the purpose of securing the attendance of pleader if in the opinion of the Special Judge such an adjournment would cause reasonable delay in the disposal of the case".

WEST ASIA-Concentric Circles

Concentric Circles Ninan Koshy THE blunt statement issued by President Carter on the eve of bis nine-day overseas trip, that an independent Palestinian state on the West Bank is dangerous to the security of Israel and peace, has come as a rude shock to Sadat, as has been evident from his reaction to the statement. The jet and television diplomacy of Anwar Sadat has thus provided high drama but very few gains.

SOUTHERN AFRICA-From Geneva to Salisbury

SOUTHERN AFRICA From Geneva to Salisbury Ninan Koshy IT is now clear that the Geneva Conference on Rhodesia will not resume on January 17th as was earlier announced. It will have to wait at least until the Carter administration is in the saddle. Whether it will resume at all depends on a variety of factors.

SOUTHERN AFRICA- Geneva Conference on Zimbabwe

SOUTHERN AFRICA Geneva Conference on Zimbabwe Ninan Koshy GENEVA, in 'neutral' Switzerland, is busy preparing for another conference on a thorny issue, this time Rhodesia. To Ian Smith, who earlier had probably thought that the conference would he in Rhodesia itself, Geneva was preferable to any of the African countries in the 'front-line'. Switzerland is one of the few countries which recognise Rhodesia.


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