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Articles By Ninan Koshy

NATO's Nuclear Posturing

The "strategic concept" adopted by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation on 20 November 2010 is an unequivocal extension of the cold war era doctrine of nuclear deterrence that has promoted nuclear proliferation and has militated against disarmament. While paying lip service to the mantra of a world without nuclear weapons, the NATO has made it clear that the reliance on nuclear weapons in its strategy is almost absolute.

Averting Total Collapse: The NPT Review Conference

Considering the fact that the 2005 nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty conference was a failure, the 2010 conference can at least claim to have partially rehabilitated the non-proliferation mechanism of the treaty, however weak it may be, thus averting a collapse. But the overall lack of progress was so clear that the conference could at best only claim that it caught up with the positions of 1995 and 2000. It provided few specific guidelines, let alone timelines, to evaluate progress in 2015. There is a similar frustration about the lack of any time frame for nuclear disarmament by the Nuclear Weapon States, in spite of their declaration of commitment, which has become so routine and repetitive to instil any confidence.

US-India Relations during the Cold War

the Cold War Ninan Koshy The United States and India: A History Through Archives explores the relationship of two states, the US and India during the onset of the cold war in the 1950s and 1960s. The narrative is provided by the declassified documents from the US. The editors acknowledge that the narrative is incomplete as they base the history solely on the US documents and the counterpart documents from the Indian side are still locked up under archaic Indian laws.