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Torture Victim Fights Back

Out the KS, Bhoomi Sena, Shramjivi Sanghatna, Mazdoor Sanghatna. Several speeches and slogans openly advocated the use of violence to demolish these independent left formations The dice was cast so to say Under the pretext of ending the 'armed clashes', the administration hopes to fulfil the ruling party's goal, to strike out at the left organisations, thereby stifling the growing militancy of the adivasis over the progressive erosion of their living standards Eliminating the left menace would primarily mean demolishing the KS which cannot be adjusted in the Congress(I) scheme of things The administration however plans to go one step further Reports note that "the authorities also discussed ways and means to check the rapid encroachment of lands held by the adivasis". Since the demand for restoration of alienated lands and the regulansa- tion of cultivation on government and forest wastelands has been the crux of the adivasi struggle, the administration hopes to take the wind out of the sails of the adivasis' organisation. Another official is quoted as having said optimistically, "we will also make determined efforts to ensure that the traditional life style of the alivasis will not be disturbed". The traditional life-style of the adivasis has been fraught with exploitation and oppression. The curbing of the militancy and discontent will certainly restore the unholy alliance of the landlord-trader-money- lender-timber merchant combine, the traditional support structure of the ruling party Torture Victim Fights Back Nilanjan Dutta Archana Guha a school teacher was picked up by the Calcutta police on the night of July 17, 1974 and accused of sedition. For the two years during which she was in custody, she was brutally tortured. In 1977 she filed a petition in the court of the chief metropolitan magistrate, Calcutta, accusing four policemen of having violated relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code. The petition which has been stayed several times on the pleas of the accused was resumed, ironically enough, on July 17 this year when seven organisations including the APDR and the Nari Nirjatan Pratirodh Manch demonstrated before the court and submitted a memorandum seeking a speedy disposal of the case. But on August 3 the accused sought to charge the organisation with contempt of court and obtained a stay order.

WEST BENGAL-Prisoners Plight

October 4, 1986 takings with the government which, by virtue of being the representative of the public in a parliamentary system, is the owner of public sector undertakings. This relationship is not direct and unencumbered. The bureaucratic set-up of the administrative hierarchy plays a crucial interventionary role.

WEST BENGAL-Calcutta University Employees Agitation

Calcutta University Employees' Agitation Nilanjan Dutta THE University of Calcutta, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities of the country, is deadlocked. Everybody is convinced that education in this university has gone to dogs, since it hardly remains open nowadays, Strange though it may seem, the students, who are usually identified as the cause of campus unrests, are nowhere in the scene. Instead, it is the employees' (non-teaching staff) agitation, which has paralysed the institution. Between December 1983, the beginning of the tenure of the present Vice Chancellor, Santosh Bhattacharya, and April 1986, 201 working-days have been lost due to strikes, cease work, or other forms of agitations by the employees. The employees' unions, the university authority and the government, are all trying to put the blame on one another and skip their own responsibilities.

BIHAR- Arwal Massacre Part of Government Plan

imports. This was obviously meant to be some kind of a 'counter-pressure' on the part of India on the Aid-India Consortium fund its manager, the World Bank.

WEST BENGAL-Religious Privilege vs Academic Freedom

abominable squalor; they are the scavengers and cleaners of foul-smelling drains, and to India's shame they are the ones who still carry buckets of human excreta on their heads. The continuity of this one obnoxious practice along shows the hollowness of the rhetoric of mitigating poverty and removing inequality, supposed to be the goals of India's development.

WEST BENGAL- Movement against Industrial Pollution

to enjoy relatively more social presige. Somehow the question of evolving better methods for flaying work which signi- ficantly reduce the dirt and stench generally associated with this work, was never considered.
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