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Cracks in the Facade: The Gujarat BJP and Elections 2009

The Bharatiya Janata Party appears to have had a stranglehold over power in Gujarat from the 1990s. There have, however, been electoral ups and downs faced by the party over the years, highlighted by its below par performance in Elections 2009. That the BJP has been shaken but may be far from being dislodged is made clear by the state of the opposition Congress. Gujarat's electorate seems open to political alternatives. These will have to emerge either from nascent third party options or from a significant reworking of the pattern of politics offered by the big two.

The Nano and Good Governance in Gujarat

The government of Narendra Modi has always maintained that Gujarat epitomises good governance. But transparency, a prominent feature of good governance, is missing when it comes to information about the Nano project agreement with the Tatas.

Experiences of SGSY in Gujarat

Reflecting changes in policy theorisation, development policies of the Indian state evince a move from deterministic, linear conceptualisations to more process-oriented ones. However, is the move away from targets and tangible results, and a realisation of the importance of the policy process, confined to paper? The issue is investigated through a textual and field-level exploration of one of India's flagship rural development programmes, the Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana

Earthquake Response

It is not enough just to rebuild Gujarat with bricks and mortar. Rebuilding should go much deeper than that. Settlements in neat rows say nothing about those who have been left out, or those who have a house but little else. The government, NGOs and the various other philanthropists, do they have the commitment or even the desire to 'go the whole go'?

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