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Defining Agendas

Women’s Struggle: A History of the All India Women’s Conference 1927-2002  by Aparna Basu and Bharati Ray; Manohar, Delhi, 2003; Second Edition, pp 172 + Appendices, Rs 550

Women Studies in India

exports of cotton yarn. One real limiting factor, of course, is availability of cotton in which we hardly have a large margin. But the more important question is; whatever increase in yarn output is achieved, should it go to exports rather than to satisfy the demand of our own weaving capacity which is large enough to absorb all the yarn we can coceivably produce in the foreseeable future. There is nothing "wrong in exports" as such, but everything wrong if exports are at the cost of starving our own loomage in the decentralised sector.

Women and Law

Neera Desai Demystification of law for Women text Nandita Haksar, graphics Anju Singh; Lancer Press, Post Box No 3802, New Delhi, 1986; Rs 30.
ONE of the notable features of the developments in woman's movements during the last decade has been production of material on various aspects of women's lives. Besides journalistic articles, research reports of academicians and crude sentimental stuff by some producers of audio-visuals, committed scholars and activists have been attempting to bring out material which not only theoretically explains the roots of subordination of women but also con- scienties both men and women about the women's question. Audio-visual techniques like street plays, songs, skits, exhibitions, posters, cartoons, films, slides, etc, have been used in varieties of ways to reach out to the wider community carrying the message of the condition of women and also the strength in solidarity. The present work by Nandita Haksar is one such very successful exercise in that direction.

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