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Recycling Mill Land

From the perspective of Mumbai's economy, the controversy over developing land of the closed textile mills is linked to the decline of manufacturing and the rise of services. This has pushed skilled labour into the informal sector resulting in the dramatic reduction of their income, which has also pushed them into informal housing. How should a city cope with such a process in terms of the impact on the economy, employment, land use and environment?

Gendering of the Culture of Building

The'culture' of building is an amalgam of practices and processes of various segments inhabiting and operating in the city. In Mumbai, the process of building is also intrinsically connected to the politics of space in the city. This paper revisits the built environment of the city of Mumbai and its culture from a gender perspective. For the evolution of a suitable architectural vision for the future, a multi-level approach that includes gender interventions at the planning and policy levels and at civil society levels is essential.

In Search of Women in History of Marathi Theatre, 1843 to 1933

Marathi Theatre, 1843 to 1933 Neera Adarkar The recorded history of Marathi theatre both marginalises and undervalues women's real contribution to theatre. However, there is extensive material to show that when the presence of women became necessary for the survival of the theatre, patriarchal society suitably modified its views on women performers IN July 1990, 'Expressions' a women's Cultural festival was organised by some women from various women's groups. Since the focal point of The festival was 'theatre' an effort was made to invite some of the first generation stage actresses of the 1930s to share their experiences. It was soon realised that the task undertaken was rather difficult as very few women of that generation were alive and amongst those who were, most were confined to the house because of their age. The third important factor was that actresses from the upper caste background were comparatively easier to contact than the actresses of Devdasi origin. We were denied access to them by their family members who were rather ashamed of their past.

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