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Energy Policy Planning in India-Case of Petroleum and Natural Gas.pdf

Case of Petroleum and Natural Gas Neelanjana Mitra Many developing countries are still using energy planning methods developed to face the challenges of industrial countries. A review of the energy policy planning exercises done in India by the government so far shows that most of the studies have used the traditional regression models or the end-use models, which were used by energy policy-makers in developed countries, for projecting energy demand; after estimating demand, the various supply options have been examined to meet this estimated demand. But, the integration of the supply and demand sides was done only recently in order to find out the minimum cost at which a certain projected growth rate of the economy can be sustained. An integrated approach helps to identify steps which connect the appropriate primary energy forms with the required useful energy so as to increase the efficiency of the entire energy system.

Strategic Planning in Public Sector Companies-A Case Study of IBP

Companies A Case Study of IBP Neelanjana Mitra Anindya Sen Since the petroleum industry in India is in the public sector, and operates under an administered pricing regime, elements of co-operation would appear to predominate among the firms in this industry. However, strong elements of competition also prevail among the firms in the petroleum sector in India and necessitate strategic planning by them. In this paper, an attempt has been made to analyse the strategic planning process of a public sector firm in the oil industry, viz, IBP Company, which is small but possesses a uniquely diversified structure.

Indian Tea Industry Problems and Policies

Neelanjana Mitra The history of Indian tea spans more than 160 years. The rapid expansion of tea cultivation in Assam was followed by the establishment of plantations in Darjeeling, Terai and the Dooars regions of north Bengal and the Nilgiris and other districts of south India. The present paper focuses on the relatively recent developments in the Indian tea industry Discussing briefly the features of the industry in respect of production, demand, exports and the nature of the market, both domestic and international, the paper follows it up with an analytical framework within which the industry may be studied and concludes with policy prescriptions.

Concentration and Growth in Indian Tea Industry

Indian Tea Industry Neelanjana Mitra This paper examines the nature and extent of concentration in the Indian tea industry and compares the rates of growth of output of different size-groups of firms constituting the industry. Section II of the paper presents a picture of concentration in the industry in terms of two alternative measures of firm-size and compares the growth of production and acreage for different size-groups of firms. The discussion is then concluded in Section III with some policy prescriptions.

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