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India, Paris Convention and TRIPS

Nagesh Kumar Having signed the Final Act of the Uruguay Round in 1994 of which the Agreement on TRIPS is an integral part, India has undertaken a commitment to strengthen its intellectual property protection regime. The obligations accepted by India under the TRIPS Agreement are far more stringent than those under the Paris Convention, So the controversy over the government's decision to sign the Paris Convention is largely misplaced.

Industrialisation, Liberalisation and Two Way Flows of Foreign Direct Investments-Case of India

Flows of Foreign Direct Investments Case of India Nagesh Kumar The Indian governments attitude towards foreign investments has evolved over the post-independence period in four distinct phases. The period from independence up to the late 1960s was marked by a gradual liberalisation of attitude. The period from the late 1960s through to the 1970s was characterised by a more selective stance. The 1980s were marked by a certain liberalisation of policy. In 1991 India liberalised its policy regime further with respect to both inward and outward FDl as a part of reforms undertaken to increase the international competitiveness of Indian enterprises.

Cost of Imported and Local Technologies-Implications for Technology Policy

One of the explanations for development and utilisation of local technology falling behind expectations is un- fair competition from foreign technologies. The nature of such competition is a severe disincentive to the development of local technological alternatives. Efforts at promotion of local technology, therefore, need to be supplemented by protection against foreign competition. Noting the inadequacy of the existing protection afforded to local technology, this paper argues that such protection needs to be complemented by price protection.

Foreign Controlled Enterprises in Indian-Manufacturing-Overall and Sectoral Shares

Manufacturing Overall and Sectoral Shares Nagesh Kumar This paper attempts to estimate the share of foreign controlled enterprises (FCEs) in the large private corporate sector at the overall level as well as in individual branches of manufacturing. The existing estimates of economic significance of FCEs in the country are reviewed and fresh estimates for the overall industrial sector and for 54 three-digit manufacturing industries are provided.

Cost of Technology Imports-The Indian Experience

The Indian Experience Nagesh Kumar Though acquisition of technology from abroad may at times prove to be an expeditious way of getting the requisite technology, it has inevitable short and long run implications for the economic and technological development of the borrowing country A significant amount of literature has directed itself to assessing the impact of 'technology imports by India. Most of the studies in this category are, however, partial in their scope in that they have studied the impact in specific cases or on some specific parameters. This paper summarises the current state of knowledge on this aspect.

Regulating Multinational Monopolies in India

This paper attempts to examine the nature and efficacy of the Indian corporate regulatory mechanism, particularly the anti-monopoly legislation for regulating multinational monopolies.


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