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Congress Culpability on Assam?

To the question posed in the title the likely and obvious answer would be the Assamese, unless scholars like Vani Kant Borooah would hasten to add “other” communities. In the article “The Killing Fields of Assam: Myth and Reality of Its Muslim Immigration” (EPW, 26 January 2013) Borooah draws...

Resisting Culinary Fascism

At the end of March some students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi under the banner of a recently formed group called the New Materialists (NM) organised a public meeting to debate the issue of (dis)allowing certain kinds of food – beef and pork in particular – on the campus. The...

Unburdening Partition: The 'Arrival' of Sylhet

It is important to examine the reasons for the near absence of Sylhet in Partition studies prior to an engagement with the event itself, or its consequences, of which, one, for instance, is the making of an Indian Sylheti identity in contemporary India. This discussion on Anindita Dasgupta's commentary (EPW, 2 August 2008) analyses these issues. It also questions Sylhet's rehabilitated positioning as a third site whose experience of Partition is treated as one of the local nuances of the Partition of India.
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