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Articles By N Venugopal

R S Rao: An Intellectual in the Marxist-Maoist Tradition

A political economist, statistician, dialectician, teacher, writer, public speaker, master storyteller, a person with a high sense of humour, a very sharp brain and a consistent friend, guide, sympathiser, and critic of people's movements, all combined into one - that was R S Rao. The intellectual world that supports people's movements, in general, and the Naxalbari line, in particular, has lost a highly perceptive and influential spirit.

Fake Encounters: Story from Andhra Pradesh

The Andhra police have a gory history of killing political opponents, as also "unmanageable" persons, all in the name of "encounters". The state of Andhra Pradesh inherited this horrifying tradition of liquidation from the Nizam's police (1946-48) and subsequently from the union government, both during the Telangana movement (1946-51). The policy of "encounters" was revived in the 1960s. It has continued up to the present, the most well known recent example being the killing of the CPI (M-L) Janasakthi, Riaz and three others, on July 1, 2005.