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On the Reliability of NSS Data

M H Suryanarayana N S Iyengar This paper is addressed to two specific questions: How far are comparisons between the NSS and CSO estimates valid? Does there exist any other basis for the doubts generally expressed about the reliability of NSS estimates? The nature of differences observed between NSS and CSO estimates of certain items of consumption is briefly discussed in Section II In Section III the authors examine the conceptual and methodological differences underlying these estimates and their comparability. Section IV is devoted to a discussion of the possible sources of bias in NSS estimates. The final section summarises the main conclusions.

On Poverty Indicators

On Poverty Indicators N S Iyengar M H Suryanarayana This paper outlines a simple approach to the estimation of the poverty line using the concentration curves which already exist. This approach is based on the assumption, quite plausible for Indian conditions, that the distribution of levels of living of households at and above the poverty line is positively skewed and log-normal The authors first set out their main assumptions and state some of the properties of the three- parameter log-normal distribution. An outline of the proposed methods of estimation is then given and a simple numerical example is worked out to illustrate the approach. Usng this approach, some further empirical results of economic significance, based on an analysis of the available National Sample Survey (NSS) data over a period of time, are presented. Finally, a brief summary of the major findings and limitations is given in the concluding section.

A Method of Classifying Regions from Multivariate Data

A Method of Classifying Regions from Multivariate Data N S Iyengar P Sudarshan In regional studies, it is customary to use a composite index to measure development. In this note cm attempt is made to define a composite index for measuring the spatial differentials in the level of development.

Projections of Consumption-Rural Urban India 1970-71 and 1975-76

Rural/Urban India: 1970-71 and 1975-76 N S Iyengar L R Jain Among the basic objectives of Indian planners are a) achievement of a significant increase in the employment opportunities in the coming years, and b) promotion of a social order which affords equality of opportunity and which at the same time prevents excessive disparity in income and wealth.

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