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A Never-ending Quest

Shadakshari Settar’s research covered various fields like history, archaeology, art history, Darshana Shastra, Jaina way of life, epigraphy, and classical Kannada, among others. More than 20 books and 100 research articles in these areas, besides several unfinished projects, speak volumes about his original contribution to historical studies in India.

Girish Karnad Stands Tall as an Outcome of His Milieu

One of the greatest thespian talents of the 20th century, Girish Karnad (1938–2019) was a product of the places, people, and institutions he came in contact with. Michel Foucault’s work on mapping milieus provides insights into the necessary conditions required for individuals to realise their full potential.

A Biographic Smokescreen

On agency, or its lack thereof, and moral luck in Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanju


A Portrait of a Scholar–Teacher

A tribute to Giraddi Govindaraj explores the interconnections between the profession of teaching and literary cultures.

Shakespeare Lives!

A tribute to the Bard of Avon who, 400 years after his death, lives on in the varied treatments and interpretations of his oeuvre that straddle cultures and art forms.

Misreading Speech

The present problem of speech in the public sphere truly reflects, beyond the question of tolerance and intolerance, our inability to receive “speech-acts” in a proper manner.

A Celebration of Identity

A recent Kannada film by B S Lingadevaru, Naanu Avanalla, Avalu, succeeds in artistically celebrating the lives of transgenders who survive the politics of homosocial normativity. 

Wreaths of Laurels

The recent tendency of writers and artists returning awards in protest against ideological attacks on thinkers and scholars derives from the tradition of symbolic dissent.

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