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Conflict of Social and Individual Objectives in Peasant Farming in Asia and Alternative-Strategies of Agricultural Development

Peasant Farming in Asia and Alternative Strategies of Agricultural Development N K Sarkar Starting from the finding of recent sample surveys of Asian agriculture that gross output per acre Reclines at first and then rises again as farm size increases, an attempt is made in this paper, first, to build up a theory of social conflict generated by recent technological innovations in agriculture and then to develop a strategy of agricultural development in Asia which would minimise that conflict and cause the least dislocation and human suffering.

Employment Strategy in Asia

Employment Strategy in Asia N K Sarkar The import-substitution Strategy in economic development, followed by many developing countries in Asia, has been blamed by some economists for the slow growth of employment in them. It is argued that if market signals via the price mechanism are followed closely, the transition in these economies, from agriculture to labour-intensive industry and thence to a capital-intensive economy, would take place more easily. The experience of West Pakistan, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan is cited in support.

Indian Foreign Policy & Economic Development

N K Sarkar During the Indo-Chinese conflict, it was suggested that the war effort would stimulate Indian industrial development.
This argument was based on the experience of Western countries whose economies suffered from deficiency of effective demand in relation to productive capacity which the war effort helped to fill.

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