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Child Labour in India-Putting Compulsory Primary Education on the Political Agenda

Putting Compulsory Primary Education on the Political Agenda Myron Weiner On educating its children India remains so behind the rest of Asia that it will take a major infusion of resources and political leadership to catch up. Deep class/caste divisions have been barriers to the development of a national drive for mass education by those who have made it to the upper strata. As the economy opens and employment opportunities grow with the expansion of the country's consumer industries, the governing middle class may recognise that the country needs a more literate population and therefore must invest in its children. But it will take a major coalition of locally based groups, the active participation of the media, the contribution of researchers and the information they disseminate, the support of investors, educators, social activists and trade unions and international donor agencies to get India to address the way it treats the children of the poor.

Rejected Peoples and Unwanted Migrants in-South Asia

South Asia has witnessed massive population movements across the national boundaries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal since 1947. This paper identifies the various types of population movements across boundaries, the internal social and political response to these flows, the impact of these flows on relations between the states and the ways in which the states have sought to deter unwanted flows when they were unable to control their borders.

Social Science Research and Public Policy in India

in India Myron Weiner Social Science Research is a major growth industry in India. Substantial sums of money ate allocated to the University Grants Commission and to the Indian Council of Social Science Research to nurture social science research in universities and autonomous research institutions. Many Central government ministries and state government departments also make research grants and employ their own social science research staff.

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