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Karnataka : Threats to Syncretic Culture

Karnataka's long syncretic tradition is increasingly coming under attack from elements of the hindutva forces. The Baba Budan Giri incident last December is an illustration of this new focus.

Karnataka : Communal Violence in Coastal Belt

The coastal regions of Karnataka have undergone dramatic change in their social and economic profile in the last 20 years. The influx of Gulf money and the growth of new industries and businesses have created new identities which have affected the old relationships among the castes and communities. The rise of the Hindutva forces here and the recent riots must be seen in the context of these changes.

KARNATAKA- Peasant Protest against Diversion of Water Resources

Peasant Protest against Diversion of Water Resources Muzaffar Assadi OF late peasants in different parts of Karnataka are asserting their identity as a class both at the level of civil society and the state as mainfest in the ongoing struggles in different parts of north Karnataka, Bangalore, and in Sira in Tumkur, They are raising such issues as electricity charges, debts, slump in agricuItural prices, famines, and the suicide of farmers, They are increasingly challenging the state's altitude towards the issues of development, of deprivation, of human rights violation and of international capitalism.

KARNATAKA- The State and Tribal Rights-Confrontation over Land Question

Confrontation over Land Question Discontent simmers in south Karnataka as the government of Karnataka continues to protect the interests of coffee planters in the region at the expense of the rights of the local tribals over land and forest.

KARNATAKA-Wooing Muslims-BJP s Minorities Conference

Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie, for an analysis from a respected senior civil servant.
12 There has been an implicit assumption that all government servants are honest, and all outside the system are crooks. Today we know that both statements are untrue.

KARNATAKA- Farmers Suicides-Signs of Distress in Rural Economy

Farmers' Suicides Signs of Distress in Rural Economy Muzaffar Assadi MORE than 20 peasants in the northern districts of Karnataka Bidar, Raichur, Gulbarga, Dharwad have committed suicides over the last three months by consuming pesticides. The heavy losses they incurred due to crop failure and also mounting debts to the moneylenders seem to be the main reason. Bidar district stood first in the tally of deaths-13 peasants killed themselves here. It all started in Bhalki taluk last year when a peasant Shivaraj of Siddeshwara village committed suicide on December 12, Initially it was treated and viewed as an isolated affair of an individual peasant. Soon it began to occur in Raichur, Gulbarga and Dharwad in the northern Karnataka, This suicide spree is now slowly filtering down to plains areas of Malnad (Chickmagalur district). The earliest such incidents were among the tur growing peasants and later on, those growing chillies and paddy.

KARNATAKA-Saffronisation with Upper Castes Support

Saffronisation with Upper Castes Support Muzaffar Assadi THE results of 12th Lok Sabha election in Karnataka has brought both cheers and shocks. The ruling party, Janata Dal (JD) has been almost decimated although the Congress is still a force to reckon with for Ramkrishna Hegde it has been sweet revenge. Analysing BJP's victory thereby is not a matter of simple arithmetic. 'Chanakya' Hegde's philosophy of engineering lingayats, brahmins and the upper caste (LIBRA) combination has borne fruit. Other combinations Muslims, vokkaligas, other backward classes, and dalits (MOVD) have emerged weak.

KARNATAKA- New Political Alignments of Social Groups

ancient prices. Surely the department is under an obligation to sec that they are true and such jewellery of ancient vintage exists and that wealth tax is collected for every subsequent year. How will this be done? Further, the law itself provides that certain categories of persons will not be eligible to get the benefit of the scheme. Going by the reports of the super efficiency in the acceptance of the declarations one cannot believe all these checks and scrutiny were ever undertaken. There are also reports suggesting that some pending tax cases and dues have been conveniently brought under the scheme making this a mockery. If this is correct the government should refund the excess over 30 per cent collected from law abiding citizens in whose cases assessments are pending. If government can take declarations under the VD1S without question, in all pending cases no further scrutiny or additions should be made.

KARNATAKA-Draft of Universities Act, 1997 Suppressing Autonomy

Draft of Universities Act, 1997 Suppressing Autonomy Muzaffar Assadi The draft of Karnataka Universities Bill 1997 selectively incorporates the recommendations of the Navaneeth Rao Committee on Higher Education to affect a tightening of the government's grip on universities.

KARNATAKA-Separatist Movement in Coorg

and proteolytic enzyme.
There is a long list of anti-cancer products that are high priced and with enough competitors. Most of these products are imported. While a cancer patient and his relations are willing to spend huge amounts as a last resort, it does not mean that their helplessness should be thus exploited.

KARNATAKA-Bangalore Riots Communal or Communitarian

The Bangalore riot in the second week of September appears to have begun as a clash between two groups of Muslims over a piece of land. It raises some interesting questions about the changing socioeconomic and political nature of the Muslim community in the city and Karnataka.


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