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Traditional Fisherfolk Fight New Economic Policy

Economic Policy Mukul The conflict between traditional fisherfolk and the mechanised trawler- owners overfishing rights has intensified in several parts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Saving Calcutta Wetlands

'sanity' on the insane riffraff mobilised within the fold of the Sangh parivar? And, finally, can 'Indian nationalism redefined in Hindu terms' effectively 'keep the disparate elements in India together'? Obviously, the answer to all the three questions is an emphatic 'no'.

KERALA-Traditional Fisher-People against Fishing Harbour

Traditional Fisher-People against Fishing Harbour Mukul Not only has the monsoon trawling ban in coastal waters not been enforced this year on one pretext or the other, but for the first time the Thankassery harbour, which is being developed ostensibly for the benefit of traditional fisher-people, has been used by a large number of mechanised trawlers. Traditional fisher-people see these developments as further assaults on their shrinking space in the marine sector.

Bihar s Land Liberation Struggles

revenue effort won the Barrackpore Municipality eligibility for reward as contemplated under the 'Revised Grants Structure' recommended by the Bhabatosh Datta Commission on Municipal Finance in West Bengal. That the reward never came from the state government's Local Bodies Directorate is another matter.

Public Sector Employees-New Agenda for Action

New Agenda for Action Mukul Closure, retrenchment, lay off, dismantling and privatisation of the public sector are not the only options available, as propagated by the government under the dictates of the World Bank-IMF There are other ontions and alternatives available, suggested by employees themselves, which can be productive and viable besides taking care of workers and employment. The turnaround plans formulated by the employees of the National Projects Construction Corporation and of public sector fertiliser units are noteworthy examples.

Threat of Mega Projects-Struggle of Two Himalayan Villages

Struggle of Two Himalayan Villages Mukul IN the Garhwal region of Uttar Pradesh, Papriana and Jamak villages of Chamoli and Uttarkashi districts respectively, art trying to raise their voice against the kind of 'development' policies being pursued in this geographically fragile and sensitive Himalayan region. Although Papriana and Jamak are very far off from each other, their fate is the same today. Papriana was almost fully destroyed in the massive landslide in August last and Jamak totally wiped out in the devastating earthquake in October. Landslide and earthquake affected many places in these districts, but these two villages were among the worst. Both had been, for many years conscious of the dangers of being ruined in the wake of the so-called natural disasters. However their voices was ignored and suppressed time and again.

Uttar Pradesh Workers Challenge Privatisation

The agitation by the workers of Auto Industries Limited, supported by the various central trade unions and federation is a step forward in the struggle against privatisation in Uttar Pradesh.

UTTAR PRADESH-Workers Struggle Halts Privatisation Moves

Workers' Struggle Halts Privatisation Moves Mukul The long and arduous struggle of the workers of the UP Cement Corporation against attempts at a take over by the Dalmias has succeeded in pushing the government into calling a halt to its privatisation moves.

Workers against Privatisation

Workers against Privatisation Mukul The manner in which the ownership of the UP State Cement Corporation with vast assets has been transferred to the Dalmia Industries and the subsequent firing on workers protesting the move at the Dalla plant may well become the focal point for labour unions to organise against the trend towards privatisation.


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