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Articles By Mukesh Kumar

Caste’s Quiet Role

The transformation of agricultural land in the periphery of Patna into the high-value settlement of Rajeev Nagar over 50 years is analysed to show how a coalition of the four privileged Hindu upper castes acts to leverage control over state and civic institutions in order to informally occupy and develop land and achieve its regularisation. Emerging from the Rajeev Nagar experience, we argue that the upper castes are advantaged in urbanisation processes through the refashioning of caste as networks, relations and knowledge. Caste and its social relations are crucial in shaping urban transformation in exclusive and selective ways.

Decoding the Three Pandemic Budgets

Despite substantial socio-economic disparities in health, education, and nutrition outcomes, the government is pitching human development expenditure against capital expenditure. In a welfare state, social sector should be the centre of policy prescriptions. Instead of an imperfect assumption of trickle-down, the the government needs to realise that growth and development must go hand in hand.