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Production of the South: Incongruities and Loss of Meaning

The half century after the second world war was marked by the division of the world into North and South, with the latter often taking on the politically charged selfidentification of third world. This was paralleled by the divisions of "civilised" and "barbarian" and of development and poverty. This article argues that such division of geopolitical space is no longer valid and there has been a dissolution and blurring of lines which identified one with the other. Through a review of different countries in the South, this article shows how both objective criteria and self-identification often do not follow the North-South binary. Rather, there is now a "South" in the developed world while solvent consumers of the South are increasingly indistinguishable from the North.

Work, Ideology and Reflexivity within the Frame of Globalisation: Comparative Perspectives

This paper is an ethnological study of formerly tenured researchers in Uzbekistan in the academies of social and exact sciences set up during the Soviet era who have been retained as contractual employees. The study investigates work and economic relationships, the nature of the state, political constraints and the fear they inspire, the role of ideology and of the articulations linking it to science and knowledge. It also emphasises the epistemological importance of the methodological adjustments that are virtually imposed on the ethnologist.

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