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Solidarity with Gaza

The world is once again witness to the macabre dance of death in Gaza unleashed by the Israeli aggressors, and once again the news of scores of innocent Palestinian deaths, including those of a number of women and children, is flooding in. The tragedy is compounded many-fold by the conspiracy of...

Fact Finding Report: Independent Inquiry into Muzaffarnagar "Riots"

A team of independent academics and a journalist carried out an inquiry into the communal violence that shook Muzaffarnagar district in UP this past September. The report (as a PDF) is based on the findings of the team during its visit to Muzaffarnagar district on the 9 and 10 November and again on 27 November.

Boycott Collaboration with Israeli Academic Institutions

We, a group of academics, activists and artists in India, came together in June 2010 to campaign against yet another apartheid regime by extending support to the international campaign for the academic and cultural boycott of Israel. We believe that academic life is rooted in the values of...

Use of 'Foeticide'

We write to express our surprise, indeed dismay, at the use of the word foeticide in your editorial "Life-giving Leadership" (EPW, 23 June 2012). This word belongs to the arsenal of the religious right, in the United States in parti­cular, the so-called pro-life groups, who seek to deny women the...

Why All Non-Altruistic Surrogacy Should Be Banned

The growth of reproductive tourism in India is justifi ed as a win-win situation: women from abroad, desperate to bear biological babies, can now do so while the Indian women surrogates earn money. The bill of the Government of India to regulate this booming market was drafted at the behest of the very industry it seeks to regulate, and is meant not so much to offer protection to the women surrogates but to the industry. This article suggests that we recognise this business as exploitative and involving the appropriation of surplus labour, albeit with some special characteristics, and as a result, evoke a different set of policy implications.

On Saffron Demography

Beginning as early as 1909 when the book Hindus: A Dying Race helped Hindu communalists knit antagonistic castes together by creating anxiety about Muslims, saffron demography has sought to whip up fears of a very high rate of Muslim population growth. That this kind of "demography" suffers from serious methodological, philosophical and empirical problems does not deter its practitioners from declaring a "demographic war" and enjoining Hindus not to go in for planned parenthood.

Playing God: The Global Population Control Movement

Fatal Misconception: The Struggle to Control World Population by Matthew Connelly

The Shadow of Hyde

There has been a great deal of discussion about the Hyde Act in regard to nuclear issues. What is not often enough stated is that there also exists something called the Hyde amendment that has already affected US policies for a number of years. If the Hyde amendment is anything to go by, it is...

The Privatisation Fetish

NHS-PLC: The Privatisation of Our Healthcare by Allyson M Pollock; Verso, London, 2004; MOHAN RAO This is an extraordinary book, written with commitment and occasional passion, but at all times with care for facts. It is carefully written and well argued, and presents us with a narrative difficult to believe: the dismantling of the National Health Services in Britain, the actors involved, their ideologies and the effects on population health. What is difficult to believe is the sheer

Abiding Appeal of Neo-Malthusianism

The belief that population growth lies at the heart of a range of social and economic problems enjoys widespread appeal. What explains the enormous appeal of this argument? Is it propaganda? Does it stem from other atavistic anxieties about tribe and race? Or is it because of its evident simplicity in explaining a deeply fractured world?


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