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PUBLIC SECTOR- Pathak Wins First Round

September 6, 1986 PUBLIC SECTOR Pathak Wins First Round MKS FROM his first national broadcast to the latest independence-day address, prime minister Rajiv Gandhi has, among other things, underlined his government's firm commitment to encouraging the growth of the public sector as also to prevent transnational corporations (TNCs) from influencing the country's policies on modernisation of industry. But a big gap yawns between his intention and his deeds; what his government has, till now, done is quite the reverse and exactly the opposite of his public pronouncements.


PUBLIC SECTOR NRI Umbrella MKS SINCE its establishment one and a half years ago, the Rajiv Gandhi government has been pursuing an ambivalent policy in respect of public enterprises. This policy has been one of studied indifference bordering on hostility rather than of any serious concern for turning this potentially effective machine into a locomotive of the economy. It is true that the Prime Minister has been consistently supporting the concept of the public sector in his public speeches, but the fact remains that the World Bank-IMF trained policy-makers in his government as also the former private sector managers in the Union Council of Ministers have been jointly doing everything to undermine the little confidence left among public sector workers and engineers after decades of political manipulation.

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