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Narmada and the Myth of Rehabilitation

The report of the Shunglu Committee appointed to verify rehabilitation measures accorded to families affected by the Sardar Sarovar Project is riddled with several contradictions and glaring inadequacies. Though there is clear recognition of the incomplete process of rehabilitation, the report chooses to ignore the Supreme Court rulings on the issue as well as the assurances made by several state governments. Moreover, that the government chose to set up the committee even while it allowed construction to go ahead gives the lie to all its pious declarations of ensuring a judicious rehabilitation. On a wider level, the report symbolises once again the connections between "power" and "truth"; it is the project affected families that have been rendered marginal in shaping either the truth or the country's economic development.

Gujarat : Leaked White Paper on Dam Alternatives

A recently leaked government of Gujarat (GoG) WhitePaper shows that its own advisors have been advocating many of the alternative water management strategies that have been put suggested by the dam's critics. If all these alternatives exist to both substantially increase the supply and reduce the demand for water in Gujarat, why was such a large, expensive and destructive project as the SSP necessary? Why not stop now, given the conclusions of the White Paper, and consider whether Gujarat's water needs can be met using cheaper, less destructive and more immediate alternatives without further increasing the height of the dam?

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