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Global Status of Agroecology

Over the last decade, agroecology has rapidly moved from the margins and taken centre stage in global discussions on environment and development. Institutions like the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization increasingly argue that agroecology can significantly help alleviate hunger and poverty as well as contribute to meeting other sustainable development goals. In this context, the history and practices of agroecology are outlined, and some of the ecological, social, economic, and political challenges for transformation to agroecology and food sovereignty have been identified.

'Prajateerpu': Food and Farming Futures for Andhra Pradesh

In many countries 'representative' democracy that relies on the accountability of elected politicians has been heavily criticised for its frequent inability to protect the interests of a large proportion of its citizens. Over the past quarter century a number of 'participatory' methods have been developed to supplement conventional democratic processes by moving beyond traditional forms of consultation. Increasingly, the introduction of new technologies and all policy processes involves making decisions without being able to predict the effects of different courses of action. Participatory methods can be invaluable in such situations. Prajateerpu - a citizens' jury on food and farming futures in Andhra Pradesh - was a six-day exercise in deliberative democracy involving marginal-livelihood citizens from the different regions of the state. A report.

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