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Articles By Meher Engineer

Equity and Social Justice in a Finite Carbon World

Any serious analysis of any facet of global warming without a mention of capitalism is incomplete to that degree. A major study that was a background paper at a recent conference on climate change in Mumbai is undoubtedly a pioneering addition to the global warming literature. However, the policy paper is disturbing not just because of the generosity of emissions it allows to countries, but also for what it lacks - a discussion of the multifaceted aspects of equity and sustainability and of the logic of industrial capitalism, issues that lie at the heart of global warming.

People's Industrialisation Needs Popular Struggles

The article by Medha Patkar and Amit Bhaduri offers a correct critique of the current corporate-led rapacious industrialisation which destroys nature and livelihoods. But it does not focus enough on strategies of mobilising people to take charge of the form and content of industrialisation. A programme of industrialisation of, for, and by the people will fructify only when it is predicated on popular struggles. And it is from these very popular struggles that the people can discover the possibility of revolutionary change.