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Growth of Informal Sector Enterprises in India

Factors that contribute to the growth status of informal enterprises in India are explored using data on the unincorporated non-agricultural enterprises from the National Sample Survey Office. A multinomial logit regression is undertaken to determine the growth status of these enterprises. Results show that the firms which have been either declining or have operated for less than three years are the ones located mainly in the urban sector. Rural firms are expanding in comparison to those in urban areas, implying a decline in the urban informal manufacturing sector.

Perceived Economic Well-being among Rural Indian Households

The Census 2011 estimated the presence of 450 million internal migrants in India, which is an increase of 45% over the Census 2001. As a corollary, the domestic flow of remittances has seen a significant rise. This paper aims to understand how this financial support affects the perceived economic well-being of households in rural India. The analysis shows that the recipient family’s estimation of their economic status improved dramatically after receiving these payments. It discusses the importance of frequency of receiving the remittances in order to understand the impact on the economic sentiment. For households who got continuous payments over the study period, the effect is positive and appears to be stronger.

The Effect of Extensive and Intensive Margins on Income from Crop Production

The determination of factors influencing income from crop production remains crucial in understanding and mitigating stagnation in agricultural income. However, the calculation of income from cultivation is difficult owing to a dearth of available data on costs causing studies to rely on policies or indicators that generate biases. This paper uses field survey data from eight villages in Bihar to identify the determinants of crop income. It explores different aspects of agrarian production processes to identify two major groups of crop income determinants: the extensive margin and the intensive margin.

Gendered Migration

Migration, Gender and Care Economy edited by S Irudaya Rajan and N Neetha, Oxon and New York: Routledge, 2019; pp ix + 205, 995.

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